A new way to enjoy noodles… Mi Urai is made with select ingredients,
using the latest technology to create premium egg noodles with
superior bite. Try both Mi Urai Original and Mi Urai Flat, and enjoy
them with your favourite recipes!

Mi Urai is made from select ingredients and using the latest technology.

Air Dried

Air Dried

Fat Free

Fat Free


Hygienic & Halal

Select Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

Mi Urai is dried using hot air instead of frying in oil. This results in cleaner-tasting and versatile noodles with superior texture.

Mi Urai is a healthy choice because it contains 0% trans fat and zero cholesterol. It is also preservative-free by virtue of its air-dried process.

Mi Urai is made using drinking-standard reverse osmosis (RO) water. It is also Halal certified to ensure food safety compliance.

Mi Urai is made with key ingredients that include high protein flour from Australian and Canadian wheat. It also contains eggs.

As a premium creation for noodle lovers,
Mi Urai is ideal serving for International taste.